• Ben And The Smugglers

    5th - 6th grade

    “Ab in die Badewanne!”, Ben’s mother insists. The overseas visitors are arriving soon.

  • Safestay Hostel

    16 +

    The Platypus Team has started in April to develop a new play for Sek. II. We will keep you posted.

  • Angstmän

    5th - 6th grade

    Jennifer´s mother has to unexpectedly work the night shift at the hospital. Jennifer is home alone. This is a case for "the list".

  • Theater in Education

    Besides the regular programm, Platypus Theater realizes different in-school projects, e.g.  one day theater-workshops with teachers and students.

  • Teenagers In Trouble

    6th -9th grade

    It´s 1957 - Biggy and her parents have just migrated from Berlin to Centerville, California.

  • FOX

    5th - 6th grade

    Gerard has moved with his parents from the country to the city. In his old school he’d often been in trouble because of his bad temper.

  • Between The Lines

    8th -9th grade

    Red, White and blue escape from Germany and travel across the USA from New York to Hollywood.

  • Just Thirteen

    6th -7th grade

    A comedy about not wanting to stick out but still wanting to be unique and seen, recommended for grades 6 - 8 or ages 11 - 14.

  • The Clown Who Lost His Circus

    3rd - 4th grade

    Willing the clown wakes up one morning to find that his circus has gone without him. His friend Lester the Jester (a puppet) has a solution to the problem.

  • Top Card Camilla

    3rd - 4th grade

    Finn and Lukas are obsessed with their new “Power Race” trading cards. The boys fight over the most sought after card, “Camilla the Dancing Warrior”.

  • The Tortilla Curtain

    16 +

    An upper middle class housing estate on the outskirts of Los Angeles - Delaney Mossbacher and his wife, Kyra, are living out the modern American Dream.

  • See You Later Navigator

    6th -7th grade

    Cybernetics scientist Dr.