'The Wizard of Oz - Short and Sweet'

TUSCH - Theater und Schule (Theatre and School)

Starting after summer 2020, Platypus Theater is available for a new partnership with a primary or high school. Please apply directly with TUSCH!
What is TUSCH? A theater and a school from Berlin form a three year alliance. In the first year all teachers and students get to know the theater and its staff through activities and the theater familiarises itself with the school's day to day routine. In the second and third TUSCH year a play is performed during the TUSCH-Festival. Theater meets school and vice versa.


Sachsenwald Primary School 2017-2020

In the third year the main focus of the project with the students was climate change. The consequences of climate change are either trivialized or reinforce fear which can be stressful. The students gained expertise through their science courses; excursions and workshops with experts deepened their knowledge. The students interviewed people in their surroundings to learn about their opinions. The results and experiences of this process were the basis for the German and English play. The goal of this climate change project was to link science with theater and encourage the kids to express themselves and act on it. Florian Korty and Ona Nurkkala worked with class 4C of the Sachsenwald Primary School in cooperation with the art class, the union for nature and environmental protection, Schule e.V. and with the theater group of the afternoon supervision, directing by Mr. Hüge. It was supposed to premiere in March during the TUSCH-festival but unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

The topic we worked on that year was 'Robin Hood': the outlaw that robs rich people and shares the loot with the needy. In a first meeting at the beginning of September, we had the possibility to meet the teachers and students and make them accustomed to our ways of working. Next to acting exercises and coordination games, it was important for us to find out which talents each student had and which aspects of 'Robin Hood' they felt passionate about. We collected keywords such as arbitrary law, helping other people, escape, blackmail, penalty (today and back then), rich, poor, playing tricks on people etc. In different groups and using the words as a basis we created scenes with props and instruments. In cooperation with the school's theater group, and the courses juggling, music and drums, art and media buddies we devised a theater piece.