'The Wizard of Oz - Short and Sweet'

A Theatre and School (TUSCH) is a three year partnership and each year begins a new project. Our second and third TUSCH-year piece will be performed at the anual TUSCH festival. Theater meets school and vice versa.
Our partner school since 2014 is Hermann-Schulz-Grundschule. We have reciently been working together on a collage of scenes based on "The Wizard of Oz", which will be presented in March 2016.

Hermann-Schulz-Grundschule 2014 to 2017

The Wizard of Oz - an American literary classic-presented on stage by enthusiastic and joyful sixth graders who have come to bring the production to life, combating stage fright and language barriers. The structure of this performance has been tweaked, to give as many children as possible the chance to perform. With the help of costumes and masks, the children step out of their everyday reality and step into their roles. Songs and choral speeches help them to express themselves in English on the big stage,  finding comfort beinfg part of an ensemble. Shadow play and light effects support the mystical and magical moments. We have collectively taken on this adventure and so, like our protagonists, we have done something for our minds, our heart and our courage.

The stars of this show are Mrs. Werdin’s 6th class from the Hermann-Schulz-Primary School in Reinickendorf. Melissa Holroyd, Josh Spriggs and Peter Scollin worked with kids in this exciting progect.


Aziz-Nesin-Grundschule 2011 to 2014

Heike Ulbrich, Gülen Ipek Abali and Melissa Holroyd, developed  “Träum doch weiter!“ (“Dream On!”) with the children Aziz-Nesin-Grundschule
"Dream on!", was about a group of children who flee to an underground vault, in order to protect themselves from a landslide. The children’s’ fears, dreams and aspirations surface in this exceptional situation due to their unknown wait and these are expressed in a collage of scenes. The focus of the activity follows the theme “what great dreams does one have for one's life?” For example, a few boys want to become professional footballers. These characters were brought to life, and come together in a dreamt up scene.
The background story and the feelings that are evoked as a result of this were used as a basis for improvisation. Scene material was collected and tested using various methods. The children spoke in the language of their choice, mainly in German.

"Träum doch weiter!“ (“Dream On!”) was presented during the TUSCH Festival week in March 2013 and again in the Ufa Fabrik Theater for friends and family.