Internship at Platypus Theater


We are open to taking interns. Whether you are still at school and doing your Betriebspraktikum or a student at university. We are a small company and do pretty much everything ourselves, so you will get hands-on experience in many different departments. Depending on your interests and knowledge the internship will entail building up stage sets, bookings and communication, front of house, assistant directing during rehearsals, research for new projects, workshops with students and many other things.

Some things you should know before you apply:

  • we start each day at 8am sharp
  • you need to be physically fit and energetic in order to work with us
  • you need to be interested in theater and/or culture management
  • we need you to be reliable
  • please do not apply of you are sensitive to noise or crowds (we sometimes have up to 350 school kids at out shows!)

To apply, just us send us an e-mail**, explaining why you would like to do your internship with us, what your experiences and interests are, as well as your CV, to:

**Write your own email - we know what ChatGPT generates!