It´s 1957 - Biggy and her parents have just migrated from Berlin to Centerville, California. When Biggy bumps into Dave on the way to her first day at an American school it´s both embarassing and electrifying.
Dave´s friend Tom wants to help solve Dave´s financial problems by breaking into the Coke machine at school. But Tom hadn´t expected that Dave was not only in love with Biggy, but also with the Coke machine ...

A comedy. Recommended for grade 6-9 (from fourth year of learning English) or ages 11+

Written by: Lindy Annis
Director: Detlef Wintzen
Performers from January 2018 on new cast: Olivia Dean, Joshua Spriggs
Live Music by: Carolyn del Rosario

Duration: 60 Minutes

Premiered 14th Feb 1992
751 Performances (July 2019)


Single person: 7.50
Groups: 7.50
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 6.00
Groups Brandenburg: 7.00

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Kleist Forum Frankfurt (Oder) Studiobühne
6th -9th grade
6th -9th grade
special offer/extra performance
6th -9th grade
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Tagesspiegel 1992

"...The two-man play, in which Peter and Anja Scollin play six different people virtuoso, is about reluctance to get up in the morning, aversion to school, entanglements in dodgy deals, being a foreigner, and love. ... The hour-long play, the text for which Lindy Annis wrote, is never boring. Lots of movement and wonderful facial expressions keep the young spectators on the edge of their seats."

Tageszeitung 1992

"... Even the first scene of the play TEENAGERS IN TROUBLE creates attentiveness, which is pleasantly lively ... 'How learning can be fun' - the motto of the play is no empty promise."