Icarus - F**ked Up!


Recommended for Class 9 - 12

The production throws us to the life of a regular family stuck in that typical modern Labyrinth of sibling rivalry, parental stress and growing up under one roof that is slowly but surely caving in on you. We meet our protagonist in the middle of a mental health crisis. Sam is 15 and suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. He alternates between disconcerting exuberance and paralyzing apathy. And lately he’s being followed by a strange shadow, with horns. His own personal Minotaur has come to stay. His family, teachers and friends are at a loss.

Till the day he takes a leap of faith and decides to fly…

"Icarus - F**ked Up" shines a light on the stigma, fears and prejudices surrounding young people in emotional distress. With powerful images, we combine acting, puppetry, animation and a fantastic soundtrack in an arresting and authentic production.



Timo Radunz         director 
Rachel Pattison     story/concept
Antonio Castello   animation & illustration
Roisin Brehony     acting & puppeteering
Joshua Spriggs     acting & puppeteering
Rachel Pattison     acting & puppeteering
Marcela Dias          assistant director 

Rebecca Scott      dramaturgy
Anke Lenz              costumes
Oliver Opara          set design
Richard Krutzsch  light design
Jörg Metzner          photos

Development Team: Rachel Pattison, Rebecca Scott, Joshua Spriggs, Roisin Brehony, Marcelas Dias

Duration: 60 minutes

Premiere: 06.12.2022


Single person: 9.50€
Groups: 8.50€
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 7.50€
Groups Brandenburg: 8.50€
IKARUS 2023 Preisträger

From the youth jury's statement:

"The play does a first-class job of conveying the feelings and mood of a young person suffering from depression.
The characters all have a lot of personality and work well together in the play.
The individual plot steps and the interplay between the characters are also lovingly planned and realised."