The Platypus Team has started in April to develop a new play for Sek. II. We will keep you posted.

London: A Government with autocratic tendencies is in power. A diverse group of people are all staying in "Safestay Hostel." The group consists of young youtubers from Brasil and Finnland, an aging Australian traveller, a young British woman with Pakistani and German roots   and finally a British receptionist who enjoys his role as a right wing stirrer. The group are sharing their views in the hostel lobby. Suddenly, Breaking News  interrupts them. A curfew has been declared. No-one is allowed to be outside.  Worried parents get in touch with members of the group in video chats. Tension mounts in the group, the atmosphere is volatile. Obey or resist?




Premiere: 24.10.2019 7 p.m. ufaFabrik

With Marcela Dias, Ona Nurkkala, Olivia Dean, Benjamin Bishop and Peter Scollin

Director Anja Scollin

Stagedesign Kerstin Junge

Costumes Sebastian Ellrich

Music Jeanette Hubert



Single person: 9.00
Groups: 9.00
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 7.50
Groups Brandenburg: 8.50