An interactive play about national identity, politics and change.

London 2026. A Government with autocratic tendencies is in power. New laws affecting taxes and immigration have been passed in parliament. A young woman who grew up in Great Britain but possesses a German passport, a Brazilian activist and an Australian influencer meet in Safestay Hostel. The new laws are making life difficult for the Finnish owner and the guests. Should they obey the law or take action against it? The Brazilian woman wants to take to the streets and demonstrate, the young woman who grew up in Great Britain is afraid, the influencer is undecided and the Finnish owner wants to avoid trouble in her hostel at all costs. The repressive government is threatening the foundations of democracy and in banning the demonstration is violating the right of free speech.




Premiere: 24.10.2019 7 p.m. ufaFabrik

With Marcela Dias, Ona Nurkkala, Olivia Dean, Benjamin Bishop and Peter Scollin

Director Anja Scollin
Stagedesign Kerstin Junge
Costumes Sebastian Ellrich
Music Jeanette Hubert
Dramaturgy Sveta Azriel
Video Sebastian M. Weissbach
Lightdesign Claudine Castay



Single person: 9.00
Groups: 9.00
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 7.50
Groups Brandenburg: 8.50

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