Food Fight

Opening Night 12th of October

Our new show for Grades 7 to 9.

The year is 2100 and there is no longer any food as we know it today.

Twenty years earlier, a worldwide famine changed the food supply for the entire world once and for all. Mankind feeds itself only through food in processed form, so-called food sticks. They keep you alive and, depending on how much money you have, taste like a real meal or, like wood chips.

The reality Game Show - "Food Fight" - offers players a year's supply of top-quality food sticks. With over 50 flavours! Our two teenage protagonists are allowed to participate in the upcoming competition.

The audience is divided into teams and work through the challenges together with their respective player. Including historical information about food and food culture, physical challenges, and questions that are suspiciously based on populist propaganda than scientific trivia. What is behind the "Food Fight" game, and what is its real purpose?!


With Marcela Dias, Dawn Robinson and Carina Zox

Director Rebecca Scott
Associate Director Holly Barnard 
Writer Jemima Foxtrot
Stage Design N.N.
Costume & Props Design Marjan Boukes
Video Design N.N.
Lighting Design Claudine Castay
Sound Design Aude Langlois

Duration: 65-70 minutes

Opening Night: 12. October 2023 Ufa Fabrik, Berlin


Single person: 9.50€
Groups: 8.50€
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 7.50€
Groups Brandenburg: 8.50€