A bilingual bathroom comedy recommended for grade 5 and 6 (from third year of learning English) or ages 8-11.


“Ab in die Badewanne!”, Ben’s mother insists. The overseas visitors are arriving soon. Ben reluctantly obeys but no sooner has the twelve year old closed the bathroom door than his vivid imagination starts working. His weekly bath turns into a fantastic, larger than life, action-packed adventure involving himself, two smugglers and a young girl called Lisa. Will the smugglers find the accidental stowaway? Will Ben be able to contact the authorities and convince them about the illegal cargo? And what is Lisa’s part in all this?


Performers Dawn Robinson, Anja Scollin, Peter Scollin and Leopold Gessele

Author Peter Scollin
Director Kenneth George
Costumes Imke Sturm-Krohne
Stage Thomas Schenk

Duration: 60 Minutes

Premiered 17th November 2006 at ufaFabrik
210 Performances (Juli 2019)


Single person: 7.50
Groups: 7.50
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 6.00
Groups Brandenburg: 7.00
Spielart Nr. 40, IV 2006

"The scenery is convincing in its simplicity and ability to change, and it is fascinating, all that they were able to evoke with a large cloth and appropriate light and sound effects. It would be a shame to give away too much about the content. It soon becomes clear that something is not right aboard the Born Free. It's not the usual pirate treasures like gold, silver, pearls and precious stones. Although such things are not out of reach for the old pirate Black Jack, who seems to be from a time gone by and wanders around on board like a ghost. ... A very recommendable and entertaining play ..."

Tagesspiegel 2006

"What does 'lifeboat' mean again? And 'stowaway'? And doesn't Dutch mean from Holland, not Germany? At the front of the main theater in the Ufa-Fabrik theater, three fifth-year pupils talk in whispers. They have to be quick, the break between the two acts is short, and nobody wants to miss a thing ... Ben hides as a stowaway ... and when the smugglers discover him, they think that he's from Holland because they interpret 'Deutsch' as 'Dutch'. The pupils howl - the smugglers are so stupid! ... Of course it all turns out well in the end ... There's lots of applause and later dozens of letters for the Scollins."