Fritz Leonard


Fritz Leonard is an actor and multidisciplinary artist from Karlsruhe working in Berlin and New York. He‘s been on stage and behind the camera from a young age. Part of an intercultural improv group and making short-films as a teenager, he later went on to study at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York where he graduated from the 3-Year Conservatory in 2019.

In NYC he has worked with theater-makers such as Mario Biagini, John Gould Rubin and Ildiko Nemeth, co-founded the award-winning TeamTheatre, played Hans Scholl in the first ever english-language production of „Sophie Scholl - the final days“ and much more.

Since the start of the pandemic he was featured in a variety of online projects, such as Eclipses Grouptheater NYCs‘ multimedia-collage „Shelter in Love“ and Blind Cupid Shakespeares‘ „All‘s Well as it ends well“ and reading their audiobook-version of „As You Like It“. He has also worked as a voiceover artist on „Grimm Sisters“ (by the Thesmophoria Collective in Berlin) and is involved with the upcoming podcast-project „Scared of Silence“.