Peter Scollin

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Founding member of English Theater Platypus. Born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1953. Trained as an actor in Melbourne and performed in independent theater groups before coming to Berlin in 1982. After learning German and settling in, founded the theater with Anja Scollin in 1985. Performed mainly in German for young children between 1985 and 1991. From 1991 ‘till now Peter has performed in many of the Platypus plays. He has written 10 of the Platypus plays, including the long running Ben and the Smugglers, Top Card Camilla, See You Later Navigator and the Tortilla Curtain. Peter has also performed in numerous films for German TV and cinema and had the honour of playing in the role of Lucas Cranach in a scene with Sir Peter Ustinov in “Luther.” Worked as editor and translator for the four- year European theater project Platform 11+. Lead singer of the band 1-2-dance. Father of three grown up children and of late a grandfather.