A bilingual adaptation of the award winning play, recommended for grade 5 or ages 8+

Jennifer´s mother has to unexpectedly work the night shift at the hospital. Jennifer is home alone. This is a case for "the list". Rules are made to be broken! Pizza delivered, electric appliances switched on, and horror films watched … - for a while it´s great fun, but then an unwelcome feeling creeps over Jennifer. What´s that in the cupboard? "Hello? Is anyone there?" Yes, there is indeed! ANGSTMÄN has lost his way and landed in Jennifer´s cupboard on planet earth. Jennifer´s house suddenly becomes the scene of an encounter of the third kind. "Lock the door and windows, he´s coming!" shouts Angstmän. Jennifer has no idea how to react to this more-than-scary character. Then the doorbell rings - Pizza Service? - "No don´t open the door, it´s Pöbelmän. He can imitate anyone!" Too late, someone sticks their foot in the gap of the door and the torture begins. Double torture! Things are getting out of control. So Jennifer- no, that won’t be disclosed yet ...


Written by: Hartmut el Kurdi
Director: Anja Scollin
Performers: Bridge Markland, Heike Ulbrich, Laura Wilkinson

Duration: 65 Min.

Premiered 16th January 2003
277 Performances (July 2020)


Single person: 10.00€
Groups: 10.00€
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 7.00€
Groups Brandenburg: 8.00€
Neues Deutschland

"... The absurd situation, the funny dialogue, and the playfulness of the three actors prevents any finger-pointing morality. Whether it´s Heike Ulbrich in the meaty role of the nasty Pöbelmän, Bridge Markland as Angstmän or Aoibeann O´Hara as Jennifer - all three manage with ease to balance glaring comic fun and a subtle message."


"In Platypus Theater’s version of this play, all of the roles are played by women. This was a good decision because it strengthens the emancipatory nature of the play. As Angstmän, BridgeMarkland is neither man nor woman. She is simply a loveable coward who shows us that Angst has something to do with the ability to be imaginative. Peter Scollin took advantage of the bilingual implications of the title of this successful play written by the Braunschweiger author Hartmut El Kurdi. Scollin shifted the play in to Dinglish (German and English) with positive results. This play,with its wonderfully witty word plays has the potential of becoming an evergreen."

blz (Berliner Lehrerzeitung)

"Angstmän….is an ironic play with Science Fiction elements and problems regarding what is real and what is not. Jennifer is alone at home, between the freedom of doing what one wants to do and the (imagined) fear of dangers things which very quickly and surprisingly arise and terrorize her. The violence resolves itself, it dissolves and thereby clearly displays the source of Angst and terror…The performance is thus extremely attractive, because of what can be learnt as well as being a lively and drastically performed theater. It provides a good way of accessing the themes of Fear and Violence."