A taste of honey


Helen and her teenage daughter Jo live in poverty. Jo's mother is more interested in her nightlife than in her daughter. She drowns her sorrows with whisky and beer. Jo enjoys the love and attention she gets from her first boyfriend, a sailor. Helen's newest boyfriend, Peter, wants to marry her and move her into a new house. Jo is not included in their plan. Jo pretends she doesn't care, finds a place of her own and is working hard to pay the rent. Her boyfriend left her two presents, one is a piece of jewellery, the other is very small but growing fast...written by Shelagh Delaney.


Written by: Shelagh Delaney
Director: Anja Scollin
Performed by: Ilya Parenteau, Jeff Burrell, Paula Redlefson, Peter Scollin

Duration: 100 minutes

Premiered 28th November 2003 at BKA- Theater
33 Performances (2003-04)

A taste of honey Recording 1
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A taste of honey Recording 3
A taste of honey Recording 4