See You Later Navigator


A race through London.
Generation 11+

Cybernetics scientist Dr. Quant has sponsored an orienteering game called “See You Later Navigator.” The purpose of the game is to test the intelligence, knowledge and teamwork of teenagers in a race against time. Supervising the game is psychiatrist Rebecca Ryan. She and Dr. Quant have chosen two British teenagers, Maddy and Tom, to navigate their way from one famous London landmark to the next, solving puzzles along the way.

Maddy is surprised by Tom’s extensive knowledge but she finds his behaviour somewhat strange. Can Rebecca Ryan trust Dr. Quant and will Tom and Maddy find out the real purpose of their involvement in the game ...?


Performers Mala Ghedia, Joshua Spriggs, Brea Robertson, Peter Scollin

Author Peter Scollin
Director Anja Scollin

Duration: 75 minutes

Premiered 9th October 2009 at ufaFabrik
154 Performances (July 2020)


Single person: 10.00€
Groups: 8.00€
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 7.00€
Groups Brandenburg: 8.00€

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"The breakneck pursuit through London is convincing, it's in between a TV-quiz show imitation and a theatrical drama. The plot repeatedly takes original twists and turns and pretty soon spectators find themselves rummaging through their half-baked general knowledge, eagerly racking their own brains along with the characters. Together with the actors, director Anja Scollin fleshed out the two very different protagonists, namely the teacher’s pet versus the happy-go-lucky type, in a very loving way."

SpielArt Berlin

"The English speaking Platypus Theater actors were rewarded with lots of applause after the premiere of their new play „See You Later Navigator”, which was written by Peter Scollin. 270 audience members followed the exciting story of Tom and Maddy."

Doris Gschwandtner

"Hearty congratulations again on your successful premiere. Great play, great actors, wonderful costumes, exciting set. Good music. It all fitted together. We wish you many more great performances."