On The Run


For grade 6 and above.

The 1970’s is the setting 'On the Run'. Lynn Bradshaw is 16 years old and dissatisfied with her normal town, her normal school and her normal life. One day, her friends, Stinky and Sam, take her to an athletics meeting to see a race. Lynn is fascinated by the speed and freedom of runners movements, and finds herself falling in love with the young winner. „If I could run that fast I would run away from here. O would go to see new places and people and things. I would start running and I would never stop.“

Having made a bet with her friends Stinky and Sam a series of adventures begins...


Written by: Lindy Annis
Director: Detlef Wintzen and Platypus Theater
Performed by: Peter Scollin, Barbara Vierfuß and Frank Brückner
Live Music by: Carolyn del Rosario

Duration: 60 Minutes

Premiered 9th November 1995 at Podewil
99 Performances (1995 - 2002)