A puppet theater play about friendship and loss.
Generation 9+

"Ben and Bommel" by Freya Blackwood and Margaret Wild (PomPom), tells the touching story of a boy and his dog. The strong friendship between Ben and Bommel is ended or interrupted early on by Bommel's death. Every night now, the dog returns to Ben until the boy manages to say goodbye to him for good. The Flying Fox Theater and Platypus Theater Berlin will co-produce an adaptation dealing with the themes of friendship, death and parting for elementary school children. The attractive and moving images as well as the touching story of the children's book "Ben and Bommel" serve as inspiration to dramatize these difficult yet universal themes. The story impressed us on a narrative, aesthetic and content level. We are taking on the challenge of weaving live illustration into the performance on stage. This involves bringing together 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional animation work, i.e. live illustration and puppetry.


With Rachel Pattison, Marcela Dias and Richard Krutzsch

Author Rachel Pattison
Director Nora Raetsch
Illustration Jonathan Bachmann
Music Jeanette Hubert
Light Claudine Castay


Premiere 24.08.2021

Probe PomPom