A co-production between Flying Fox Theater and Platypus Theater
Generation 9+

PomPom is the name of P.K.'s beloved dog. The two are inseparable - PomPom is always there for the boy, they play together, run around and cuddle. P.K. and his father live alone. One day, PomPom escapes and is run over. P.K. is heartbroken and there is little his father can do to support him. Until P.K. is emotionally ready to say goodbye to PomPom, the dog returns to P.K. every night.

We are developing the puppet theater piece together as an ensemble. As a means of visual expression, we are testing projections that are drawn live, in connection with the action of the play, but also in interaction with the audience, who contributes with their ideas and imaginations. A musician produces live sounds and music - communicating with the illustrator, the players and the audience.

The language is concise and to the point. The three character players perform in English. Feelings and experiences on big topics like death and friendship are given space in "PomPom" and are presented in a playful, funny and moving way.

We thank the Senate Department for Culture and Europe for the financial support

A co-production between Flying Fox Theater and Platypus Theater


With Rachel Pattison, Marcela Dias and Richard Krutzsch

Idea / Concept Rachel Pattison
Director Nora Raetsch
Illustration Jonathan Bachmann
Music Jeanette Hubert
Light Claudine Castay
Puppets Rachel Pattison
Costumes Marion Casuane
Set design Richard Krutzsch
Assistant Mariana Damianidou
Production Management Anja Scollin

Premiere 24.08.2021

Probe PomPom