A co-production between Flying Fox Theater and Platypus Theater
Generation 8+

Peter Kennedy aka PK would like to tell you a story. About his dog, PomPom.

With the help of his neighbours, Mr J, an illustrator and Sonja, a musician, and his somewhat clumsy Dad, he invites us into the garden of number 10 Little Street.

On his 8th birthday his dad gives him the best present ever. A dog! PK and his dad call her PomPom, because she jumps around in the garden like a bouncing PomPom. From this moment PK and Pompom are inseparable. We learn how the two of them get to know each other, teach each other tricks and have a lot of fun together. One day, while PK is at school Pompom escapes and is run over.

PK is not at all able to accept the loss of his best friend. His every night PomPom "visits" him. They run and play in the garden together as always.  His dad is worried about him but does not how to talk to him about it.

We follow PK's story until he is finally able to say good-bye.

Beautiful projected Live-Illustrations interact with the puppets, actors and funky Live-music. The puppets which were specially developed for the play have a big emphasis on agility and movement. Poesie meets humor in this wonderful story about a boy and his dog.

We thank the Senate Department for Culture and Europe for funding this production. 

A co-production between Flying Fox Theater and Platypus Theater





With Rachel Pattison, Marcela Dias and Richard Krutzsch

Idea / Concept Rachel Pattison
Director Nora Raetsch
Illustration Jonathan Bachmann
Music Jeanette Hubert
Light Claudine Castay
Puppets Rachel Pattison
Costumes Marion Casejuane
Set design Richard Krutzsch

Premiere 24.08.2021


Single person: 9.50€
Groups: 8.50€
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 7.50€
Groups Brandenburg: 8.50€