The Kooky Show


Middle-aged Jack Brown has been living in Berlin for 20 years.

Middle-aged Jack Brown has been living in Berlin for 20 years. He grew up in Australia, but having been in Germany for so long, he has forgotten much about his Australian past. One day a parcel from Australia arrives unexpectedly. It is packed with things from Jack's childhood. There are funny photos, some old school clothes, and to Jack's surprise, his beloved glove puppet KOOKY.
KOOKY is a Kookaburra, the Australian bird famous for its hysterical laugh. This delightful puppet was Jack's favourite toy. He played with KOOKY everywhere, at home, at school and in the bush. KOOKY didn't just laugh, he also talked and had a wicked sense of fun. And when he was on Jack´s hand he got him in and out of all sorts of trouble. Jack had almost forgotten what a mischievous creature his old "alter ego" was, but once he slips KOOKY on his hand again the past comes alive.
When Jack talks to the audience he speaks German. In the scenes with KOOKY, Jack reverts to the language of his childhood, English.

The programme features live music, projected photos from Jack´s past and lots of laughs for the audience.


Written by: Platypus Theater
Director: Detlef Wintzen 
Performed by: Kim Eustice, Peter Scollin

Duration: 60 minutes

Premiered September 1999
414 Performances (as at Jan 2016)


Single person: 7.50€
Groups: 7.50€
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 6.00€
Groups Brandenburg: 7.00€

"... How quickly you can further your knowledge of German, without even picking up a book, is shown by the lunch scene. The hungry Jack had only just begun to cry "food, food" and "hungry, hungry" and the audience was already joining in. And even the "Fischstäbchen" (fish fingers) that, only a moment before, were German, had, within in a few seconds, become fish fingers."


"'How learning English can be fun!' Oh if only English lessons were always so lighthearted. "How are you?", "What's your name?". The questions and replies are made obvious with such bustling action, that includes music, slide-projections and audience participation ..."

ZITTY 12/2000

"Peter Scollin and his partner Kim Eustice tell little spontaneous children's stories out of a suitcase, into which they have also packed their absurd Anglo-Saxon humour, a bit of tension, and not too much learning."


"... After the show the boys and girls all agreed - "It was great" ..."


"... because Kooky also plays an important role in English lessons, the Kooky Show was a very welcome encounter, which the children still talk a lot about today. ... We wish you lots of fun at work and lots more great ideas like this one."


"... I also liked it when Janet pulled Jack out of the fire. And where Jack was sitting with Kooky in school and Kooky had part of the tie on. I also found the slides great. Well actually I found all of the Kooky Show great." (Laura, year 9)


"... Hello, Kooky-Team! I liked very much Kooky and the song "Oh Baby". Best wishes, your Kerry." " I come from Germany ... I liked best the woman, Kooky and Peter Scollin ..." (Hannes)