"Fossils" is an Australian slang word for parents. The play is about the relationship between parents and teenagers. Julie, Mi­chelle and Franky are the three central characters in the story which takes place in the suburbs of Sydney. All three of these fifteen year olds have difficulties with their fossils. Julies' „fossils“ are to conservative, Michelle's „fossils“ are more modern but have very little time for her, Franky's widowed german immigrant mother is overprotective. At the beginning of the play, Franky encounters the two girls on his way to his new school. The play ends in a confrontation at the school dance with forces each of the teenagers to re-examine their relationships with each other and their parents.


Written by: Manuel Aston
Director: Peter Scollin
Performed by: Aoibheann O'Hara/Nicola Ransom, Ilya Parenteau/Ines Cagle, Frank Brückner

Duration: 65 Minutes

Premiered November 1998 at Carrousell Theater
74 Performances (1998 - 2003)


"If 'Forsters' is Australian for beer, then 'Platypus' mus be the word for 'good English theater for teenagers'. If you like the idea of improving your langauge skills by watching plays about the things that really matter in the teeniverse, i.e (the other sex), getting into trouble, sports, parents (often referred to as 'fossils' down uner!) and social acceptance, then keep an eye out for platypus Theater. This plucky little group is now doing its first-ever tour outside Berlin. They're on the road wit their hit comedy 'Teenagers in Trouble', which is about a German girl who has just moved to Texas with her parents. 50,000 people have seen it since its premier in 1992. I saw them perform 'Fossils'. It's an energetic comedy with serious touches and demands a lot of fast costume and accent changes from its 3 actors, who each have to play 3 roles. A good way to keep fit! I hadn't enjoyed myself so much at the theater for a long time. (Thats because you've never grown up, Dan. Ed) They were professional without being slick, humorous without being stupid an sometimes even quite rude - but don't worry - only to each other! Two scenes i recall particulary well is one in which a self-obsessed yuppie couple demonstrated to their horrified daughter how she was convinced ("ooooooh daaarling") and one in which the hero had to squeeze a massive chin spot (you know, the ones which suddenly appear by evil magic the day before you're finally going out with the girl/ boy you've been chasing for months!) It was so realistic i got worried about sitting in the front row... I also liked teh fact that the actors seemed to enjoy them-selves too, which makes a change from a lot of mdern theater! My only reservation was that some of the English was a bit difficult, especially for young learners. however, as i wrote above, They're touring with 'Teenagers In Trouble', which i am told is easier. in this respect, it's worth noting that they have planty of written material to accompany the plays. (Are you listening, teachers? All that remains is to say "what are you waiting for?" Contact them for a seriously good time. G'day!

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