Dream Beach


For class 9 upwards.

Daisy, Kylie and John meet by chance on a remote beach in North Western Australia.

Daisy is an Aboriginal Australian who has come to the beach to protest against the construction of a huge pipeline and gas production plant. Kylie works as a security guard for the multi-national gas production company, Crafter Energy. Her job is to keep unwanted visitors out of the construction area. Daisy is determined to save the Aboriginal rock carvings located near the beach. John, a British backpacker visiting Australia on a work and travel visa, is fascinated by the rock carvings and Aboriginal history. Kylie wants Daisy and John to leave the beach. The chance meeting with Daisy and John forces Kylie to reconsider her attitude to the activities of her employer Crafter Energy. All three are brought to recognize their individual responsibility in the world they live in.

Dream Beach deals with the past and the present lives of the Indigenous Australian People and a dark side of British history.


Written by: Peter Scollin
Director: Anja Scollin
Performed by: Darren Smith, Mala Ghedia, Melissa Holroyd

Duration: 60 minutes

Premiered 12th October 2007 at ufaFabrik
28 Performances (2007- 08)

ZITTY 23-2007

"... The Dampier Archipelago (Western Australia) is the location for “Dream Beach”, a play in which three young people accidentally meet up with one another. Using their personal backgrounds as a foil, the theatre author Peter Scollin reveals the disrespectful and inhuman way that the European settlers dealt with the original inhabitants of Australia, the Aborigines. When the three beachgoers find an old skull, another story is brought to light. During an … massacre in February 1868, settlers killed off almost the entire Burrup Peninsula Aboriginal population. Despite the serious and realistic theme, the play, performed in English, stays refreshingly light and funny, and succeeds in maintaining credibility throughout. This is last but not least thanks to the good team work of the Australian actresses Rachel Pattison and Melissa Holroyd and the British actor Darren Smith.

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