The Blood Knot


A white South African director is rehearsing Athol Fugard´s famous play “The Blood Knot”. Set in South Africa in 1960, it is about the relationship of two brothers and the effect that the Apartheid regime has on their lives. Light-skinned Morris has moved in with his black brother Zachariah because his efforts to live as a white South African have failed. The illicit contact with a white female pen pal brings their conflicts to the surface. As the actors and director explore the complex issues of the play, their own experiences of exclusion add intensity to the rehearsal process.

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Witten by: Athol Fugard
Director: Kenneth George
Performed by: Peter Scollin, Thabo Thindi, Tom Pawlak

Duration: 120 Minutes

Premiered 31st October 2013 at ufaFabrik
9 Performances (2013- 14)

The Blood Knot Recording 1
The Blood Knot Recording 2
The Blood Knot Recording 3