Based on Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice in Wonderland
for grade 4 and 5 (2nd and 3rd year of learning English)

When Trio Skolini perform Alice in Wonderland, fun, excitement and a certain amount of creative chaos are inevitable. Things don’t always go smoothly for chief clown Sir Harold and his two assistants Ginny and Jo. Two of them feel as though they are destined to play the part of Alice.

They wouldn’t be clowns if they couldn’t find funny ways of getting Alice down the rabbit hole, making her change size and performing the wide range of weird and wonderful characters which appear in the book. Using a minimum of words, props, costumes and musical instruments Trio Skolini stumble ingeniously from scene to scene of the Lewis Carroll classic, cleverly dealing with each dramatic problem as it arises and exploring Alice’s confrontation with themes such as identity, isolation, courage and obedience.

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Written by: Peter Scollin
Director: Kenneth George
Performed by: Bridge Markland, Heike Ulbrich, Leo Auri, Peter Scollin.

Duration: 65 minutes

Premiered 9th October 2009 at ufaFabrik
35 Performances (2009- 13)

Alice Recording 1
Alice Recording 2
Alice Recording 3