Äffchen Orange


A colourful bilingual play with acrobatics, magic and songs. 
For children aged 3 upwards.

There’s an orange-coloured monkey, an orange-coloured apartment and a magician whose favourite colour is orange. Celina, the magician, is desperate because she never knows where Tilly the monkey is. Also, Tilly only reacts when Celina speaks to her in English. Celina magically turns Tilly’s fur green. Now there’s a green monkey playing in a green garden….


Written by: Anja Scollin
Director: Anja Scollin
Performed by: Ina Gercke

Duration: 50 minutes

Premiered 12th September 2009 at FEZ
30 Performances (2009- 11)

Äffchen Orange Recording 1
Äffchen Orange Recording 2