A mixture of clowning, music and puppetry for children aged 3 upwards

Clown Willing joins in the adventure of Kevina the life sized kangaroo, her loveable baby Joey, George the platypus and other Australian bush animals.

Willing the Clown flies from Germany to Australia. He is on holidays. He receives a warm welcome from Ms. Miller at the airport in Australia. Willing then “goes bush” where he meets Kevina the kangaroo and other Australian animals. When Kevina loses her baby Joey, Willing the clown comes to the rescue…….


Written by: Platypus Theater
Director: Dominic Power
Performed by: Peter Scollin and Anja Scollin.

Duration: 50 Minutes

Premiered 1985 at Nachbarschaft heim Mittelhof
467 Performances (1985- 2014)

The Times Eductional Supplement, 23.8.85

"Platypus is a two-handed team, Australian and German, with an accurate sense of childrens’ theatrical tastes. Their Clowning, kangaroo hopping participation show with puppets and singing is great value. Very Very young people including one under two years old, whooped with delight and fell into engrossed ailences at the antics of Platypus Theater's 'The Clown in the Land of the Kangaroos'."

Berliner Morgenpost, Juli 85

"In this play the authors have prefer to arouse the audiences’ imagination by using live music, colourful puppets and costumes rather than pedagogically motivated elements."

Walsroder Zeitung 23.3.87

On Thursday clown Willing took 150 girls and boys on a special discovery voyage. It was incredibly exciting, interesting and funny. The audience was motivated to actively contribute to the events on stage. A five year old boy spontaneously commented at the end of the performance “that was much better than television.”