For grade 6 upwards.

A classroom in a British comprehensive school. As part of their punishment, four teenage students have to stay behind at school for an extra hour. Cindy, Nicole, Peter and the supervising teacher are in the classroom ready to start, but Simon is missing.

The one hour detention period can only begin when all four students are present. Tension mounts. When Simon finally arrives, he is brandishing a weapon and takes control over the teacher and his classmates. The teacher tries in vain to intervene. Simon forces his friends to sort out matters which have been kept secret too long. A biting, musical satire featuring four actors, Hip Hop and a Master of Ceremonies.


Written by: David Spencer
Director: Detlef Wintzen
Performed by: Birgit Stauber, David Robinson, Funmi Olowe, Patrick Lanagan, Phillip Rafferty

Duration: 70 minites

Premiered 8th November 2000 at HDJ Charlottenburg
35 performances (2000-2002)


"Crime-scene school: Detention was always a favourite method which teachers used to settle unruly students. Before, the tormented students would have got their revenge with a few more or less successful practical jokes. Today, however, the issue can become life-threatening. „Amok“ tells the story of a boy from Britain, who loses all control of himself and becomes a killer. This English-language play for teenagers, which was staged by Detlef Wintzen is the latest Platypus Theatre.production The text was written by British author David Spencer, who got inspiration from the ensemble’s improvisations. He deals with rising criminal activity amongst young people, without wanting to interpret this too flippantly. Spencer knows what he is writing about because he has run numerous writing workshops in prisons with under-age offenders. David Robinson plays the young Simon who appears in his class one day smeared with blood. "

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