Theater Workshops

We offer theater workshops in English for every age group. We have a big team of experienced workshop leaders and have suggestions for topics, but are also open and flexible for new subjects that cater to your wishes and needs.  These are the different formats we provide:

Workshop Days and Workshops Weeks  We come into your school for one or more days or also a week to do a workshop on 'Learning English Through Theater' on a specific subject. Price depends on the number of students and workshop leaders.

'Power to the People' Workshop Two members of the Platypus Team will come to your school for a 90 minute workshop. 10.-13. Grade. Thanks to the financial support from Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung we can offer the very attractive price of 4€ per head with a minimum of 15 students per group. This offer applies only to Berlin schools.

After Show Workshop   One of the actors visits your class soon after the performance and conducts a 4 hour workshop related to the themes of the play. Your students develop short scenes based on their impressions and ideas. 10€ per head with a minimum of 20 students per group.

Instant Theater
A new interactive theater format for high school. The students invent a story together and immediately bring it to life. A game master, using a particular questioning technique, structures and animates. Aided by at least one professional actor, they play out the story (30 -100 participants).

Get in touch with us: or give us a call 030-61401920.