A participation show, recommended for grade 3 and 4 (from first year of learning English) or ages 6-10.


Willing the clown wakes up one morning to find that his circus has gone without him. His friend Lester the Jester (a puppet) has a solution to the problem. "Forget the old circus" he says, "we can make a new circus here with the audience". Together with the audience a new circus is made, the children construct an imaginary tent and play the part of circus performers. Willing performs his clown show for his new circus colleagues.


Performer Peter Scollin
Director Michael Wansbrough

Duration: 55 Min.

Premiered in 2004 as a revision of our 1980 classic
873 Performances (as of July 2019)


Single person: 6.50
Groups: 6.50
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 5.00
Groups Brandenburg: 6.00

Upcoming dates

3rd - 4th grade
special offer/extra performance
3rd - 4th grade
Alto Adige, Italien

" ... 'The Clown who lost his Circus' is a simple play, but the little spectators were swept away for exactly that reason, and they were then directly included in the theatrical action. The stirring and interactive play tells the story of a clown ..."


"... The Australian-born actor understands how to motivate the children to take part, despite the foreign language. With lots of pantomime, he tells of acrobats, wonderful lady jugglers and tightrope walker Antonio. "Show me your muscles", he calls to the children. Soon he has picked four strong boys and girls to help him to build an invisible circus tent. ... There is lots of applause for all the participants. ... And at the end the children have all learnt: Understanding and speaking English isn't so hard."

Förderverein der Georg-Büchner-Schule Goddelau e.V.

"... The children are themselves surprised, how much they can understand and say, and when they don't understand something then actions are used to improvise. At any rate, the atmosphere in the room is great. There's always cheers and roaring applause. When Peter Scollin leaves the stage after several encores, the children crowd round him. As they leave everyone gets an autograph and a red nose. The children all agree that Clown Willing should come again soon. Next time they will even know what "Zugabe" (encore) is in English."

Ostfriesischer Kurier

"... Acrobats and tightrope walkers, jugglers, musicians and clowns were brought in with brilliant feats, each number more skilful than the last, and everyone was astounded at what they could do. The public built the big circus tent together and didn't skimp on applause for the great achievements of the plucky participants ..."

Frau Totzke, Lehrerin an der Steinwald GS

"...Todays play, that we saw with pupils from the 4th year was really good. All the children were inspired and felt included...You’ve got it right again: appealing plays suitable for children, which are in English, and all the children understood it, even though not one word of German was spoken. Enclosed, the children’s letters, which were written with ardent zeal."