Mischief is brewing in the kingdom of the Gods. Nothing is as perfect as it seems. Zeus is getting angry and means to let the other Gods and Goddesses know about it. Meanwhile, The Medusa is turnig into stone all over Greece and Hades is plotting a takeover from the underwold. The world is in turmoil.

Good God's - What a mess was devoloped in 2016/17 in cooperation with Hermann-Schulz-Grundschule and premièred 31st March 2017.

Regie: Adam Donald, Joshua spriggs, Bernd Stromberger
Plazers: Oliver, Anzor, Olivia, Malena, Elias, Daniela, Ismael, Aliyah, Hisham, Vadim, Johannes, Jonas, Tuana, Martina, Tim, Abolfazl, Denara, Leonie