i Talk


Generation 14+

Lanny is in a new high school. Due to the lockdown making friends is difficult. Lanny finds comfort in playing his guitar.
Also in his class is Ros. Ros becomes G in their* online channel. G experiments with outfits, voice and shares their thoughts with followers.

In a chance meeting after school Lanny and Ros discover a common interest in music. They get to know each other better on social media. Ros becomes worried about Lanny’s wellbeing and visits him. During an online class, a fellow student wants to know more about what Ros and Lanny did together. He implies that they had sex. Gossip spreads. Ros feels betrayed and ends the friendship with Lanny. It’s only after Ros’s refusal to forgive him that he starts reflecting on his behaviour and seeks help in an online channel...

The multimedia production connects the online and offline world. "iTalk" addresses issues of race, gender and white fragility* and shows how young people learn a lot about themselves and others in the process of developing their identity.

*non-binary personal pronoun

*Discomfort and defensiveness of a white person when confronted with information about racial inequality and injustice.




With Adrian Blount and Josh Spriggs

Concept Anja Scollin und Rebecca Scott
Director Rebecca Scott
Writer Charlie Dupré
Dramaturgy Makisig Akin, An*dre Neely  und Fiona Power Klassen
Assistant Director Holly Barnard
Production Manager Anja Scollin
Costume & Props Designer Marjan Boukes
Composer/Sound Designer Rob Atkinson
Lightning Design Claudine Castay
Stage Designer Leif-Erik Heine
Video Designer Julia Patey
Actor Choreographer Christina Wüstenhagen
Voice Actor George P. Scott
Graphic Designer Diana Zhang
Videographer Pius Okaba
Photographer Anthony Icuagu
Video & Sound Technician Bryan Schall

Premiere 07.10.2021


Single person: 8.50€
Groups: 8.00€
Groups + "Ermäßigungsschein from JugendKulturService": 6.50€
Groups Brandenburg: 7.50€