Das Corona Virus und das Platypus Theater

This is a very strange time indeed and even the most talented fortune teller cannot predict how the future will turn out. For Platypus Theater, it's a very difficult situation because it's our job to gather approximately 220 people in one room and have them share the same air for an hour or so. We have to cancel all our planned shows until at least the end of June. As you can imagine it's a huge financial loss.

When the news came that we weren't allowed to present our plays it was as if I had suddenly, with one cruel blow, lost my job. Bang. Finished. Unemployed. Suddenly a pensioner! I really had the feeling that our days as freelance, independent artists were over. As if this whole system which we had built up for ourselves over the last 35 years and which was going along nicely despite hardships and ups and downs, was all over.

I've decided to busy myself with the history of Platypus Theater in the form of a blog. It's a project I have been thinking about  doing for a long time but I have always been too busy performing and making plays. Now I feel I have the time to do it and I am excited about it. Since the lockdown started we've been doing a lot of cleaning up in the office and at home and going through old photos and document. This stimulates me to reflect on our past, of how we got to the place we were at when the lockdown occurred, when suddenly everything crashed. I believe you can a learn a lot by studying the past.

VLOG: Peter talks about the pandemic and Platypus Theater


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