Dear teachers,

The new show, SAFESTAY HOSTEL, is for senior student 16+. It’s a self-devised play based on autobiographic material of the actors, each of whom comes from a different country. It’s about the individual and his or her place in society. We are enjoying developing this piece, exploring our own origins, our political and idealogical positions and reflecting on what’s happening on the world stage now. The premiere is on October 24th in the ufaFabrik at 7 p.m.

                We have three re-run premieres this season. JUST THIRTEEN; SEE YOU LATER NAVIGATOR and FOX. Charmaine Gorman (FOX and J13) is returning to Australia after a ten year stint in Germany. Goodbye Charmaine and all the best for the new start. Julia Burns will be taking over Charmaine’s role in “J13,” Brea Robertson will play Rebecca Ryan in S.Y.L. Navigator and Marcela Dias will be taking over from Charmaine in FOX.

                Pfefferberg Theater will be a new venue for us in the coming season. This should be very convenient for the schools in Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. It’s a cosy 220 seat theater, very close to the underground station Senefelderplatz.

Thanks to all of the teachers who continue to bring their students to come and see our shows. The statistics for 2018 show that our work is highly valued (23,000 spectators in Berlin). We are very happy to see lots of young teachers coming to see our plays. As we head for our 35th Anniversary, it seems like Platypus Theater can go on and on even when some of us are getting “long in the tooth.”

Should I tell the teachers that I now receive pension

Is that the sort of thing I should bring to their attention

It’s totally uninteresting no-one cares at all

I have to work on anyway ‘cause my pension is so small

Our theater is really thriving, that no-one can deny

It’s not yet time for me to say goodbye

The plays which we’re presenting are very much in demand

Good to have an audience eating out of your hand

Here’s the latest program-a new play plus the repertoire

In Platypus Theater everyone’s a star.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Scollin

p.s. Book tip: T.C. Boyle novel: “Outside Looking In”

Music tip.            Boz Scaggs: Out of the Blues.