We are really busy rehearsing and producing our new show SAFESTAY HOSTEL. Premiere: at 7 p.m. at ufaFabrik. Tickets are selling fast, so reserve them now. English teachers free of charge.

We also have a few more double shows coming up and we've added an extra show of THE CLOWN WHO LOST HIS CIRCUS:

Friday | 29.11.2019 | 11 a.m. | THE CLOWN WHO LOST HIS CIRCUS | BKA Theater

Monday | 02.12.2019 | 09:15 a.m. | TOP CARD CAMILLA | BKA Theater

Wednesday | 18.12.2019 | 09:15 a.m. | TEENAGERS IN TROUBLE | BKA Theater


The program for March-June 2020 is slowly coming together - we will keep you updated on that. We will be sending the new program out before Christmas.