News June 2020


After the summer holidays, schools will no longer be obliged to observe the rules about social distancing. Hence, there are two options for viewing a Platypus Theater play: A school can book a show exclusively for itself – in this case, social distancing wouldn’t be necessary in the theater. If you are interested in booking a show for 100+ pupils, please get in touch with our office ( We will organise the venue (BKA-Theater is still our main venue, but others are possible).

The second option is that we come to your school with the following productions: ‘Teenagers in Trouble,’ (room needs to be able to be  able to be darkened), ‘Ben and the Smugglers’, ‘The Clown who Lost his Circus’ and from November with our new production ‘Rich’ (working title) for fourth grade.

We haven't sent out our normal program this summer because we don't yet know what the regulations will be in the theaters in which we perform. If the social distancing rules are enforced in our partner theaters, it will be impossible for us to make the presentation of our plays financially viable. We can't afford to do plays for only a couple of classes.

However, it is possible to book workshops again! (12 pupils per workshop leader). We specialise in theater workshops on democracy, racism and populism. (from 9th grade in English)

Picture: Cast and Crew team for our new production: Rebecca Scott, Carolin Ott, Dawn Robinson, Anja Scollin and Joshua Spriggs