Platypus News August 2018

Rehearsals for our new play JUST THIRTEEN have begun. The play was written by Lindy Annis and is being directed by Anja Scollin. Acting in the play are Olivia Dean, Charmaine Gorman and Ben Bishop. JUST THIRTEEN is Ben’s first play with Platypus. Olivia also performs in TEENAGERS IN TROUBLE and Charmaine is in FOX. JUST THIRTEEN is a comedy about teenagers who don’t want to stick out too much but still want to be seen. We recommend the play for 11-14 year olds (Grades 6-8). The Premiere is on Thursday the 11th of February, at 11.00 a.m. in the ufaFabrik. There will be special preview for teachers, parents, friends and fans on Wednesday the 10th of February, at 5 p.m. in the ufaFabrik.