Platypus News April 2017

Work has begun on this year’s production. We are adapting a children’s story entitled “Fox.” The novel is about the relationship between a homeless man and his pet fox and a young school-boy who is fascinated by the fox. Lindy Annis, who has already written three Platypus plays in the 1990’s including the evergreen TEENAGERS in TROUBLE, will be writing the play. Anja Scollin will be directing. Premiere will be on November 9th in the ufaFabrik.

There will be a special evening performance of our latest play EXPEDITION 3.71 at 7 p.m. in the ufaFabrik on the 29th May. This is a great chance for teachers to “preview” the play, which is designed for pupils from the 10th grade onwards. Before the play, at 5 p.m., we are offering a special, free workshop for teachers on how to prepare students for EXPEDITION 3.71, how to incorporate the content of the play in your lessons. The play deals with themes such as science, technology, space travel and media. The workshop will also take place in the ufaFabrik and will be conducted by Peter Scollin. You have to register for this workshop, call us on 614 0 1920 or send an email to

Most of the shows in our Spring/Summer program are well booked but we still do have seats available for some shows. Occasionally there are cancellations and suddenly we have extra room, so feel free to call us in the office to check the availability of seats. In May and June, we will be doing two shows in a new location, Humboldt-Haus in Höhenschönhausen.

Our touring activities continue. We will perform again in Frankfurt Oder at the beginning of June, BEN AND THE SMUGGLERS on the 7th and THE CLOWN WHO LOST HIS CIRCUS on the 8th. To book tickets for these shows please contact Kleist Forum in Frankfurt Oder.