Safestay Hotel

Just finished reherasals for our new show SAFESTAY HOSTEL (Premiere: 24.10.2019), which was very well received by teachers and students. Everyone agreed that it is very important tackle topics like national identity, racism and other - isms. We hope to inspire and make people think. There are still some tickets left for 18.11. at BKA-Theater.

We are currently rehearsing JUST THIRTEEN with one new cast member: Julia Burns.

If you'd like to book us for a workshop, please get in touch, we are receiving more and more requests for theater workshops (for students and teachers). We will be at Expolingua on 22.11.2019 doing a one hour workshop for teachers at 3 pm, presenting what we do in workshops.

There are still tickets for available in november:

BETWEEN THE LINES 15.11.2019 BKA-Theater

SAFESTAY HOSTEL 18.11.2019 BKA-Theater

JUST THIRTEEN 22.11.2019 BKA-Theater