Dear English teachers and friends,

In case you find the accompanying program a bit overwhelming due to the number of plays in our repertoire, here is a list of the plays we are presenting this season and the target age groups.

Grades 11 – 13        The Tortilla Curtain                        ages 15 - 19

Grades   7 – 9           Between the Lines                       ages 12 - 16

Grades   6 – 9           Teenagers in Trouble                    ages 11 - 15

Grades   6 – 8           Just Thirteen                                ages 11 - 14

Grades   6 – 7           See You Later Navigator                 ages 10 - 13

Grades   5 – 7           Fox                                              ages 10 - 13

Grades 5 – 6             Angstmän                                     ages   8 - 11

Grades 5 – 6             Ben and the Smugglers                  ages    8 - 11

Grades 3 – 4             Top Card Camilla                            ages    6 - 10

Grades 3 – 4             The Clown Who Lost His Circus ages          6 - 10

Our latest play “Just Thirteen” has been very well received by pupils and teachers since it premiered in October. “Between the Lines” is back on the programme this season. This play is especially suited to the 8th and 9th classes, it’s a musical comedy about a journey through the U.S.A.

            For Angstmän fans there will be a special weekend family performance to celebrate “Angstmän” turning 16. Our bi-lingual version of this award winning play is the longest running “Angstmän” production in the whole of Germany. So don’t miss the chance to come along with friends, grandchildren, nephews and nieces: Sunday 7th April in the BKA Theater at 11.30 a.m.

The Berlin Senate has conducted an evaluation of the situation of Berlin children’s youth theater groups and Platypus Theater was one of the groups selected for the study. We are hoping that the results of the evaluation will mean that the importance and needs of childrens’ and youth theater in Berlin will be more apparent to the government and the public in general.

Judith Shoemaker is now working with us in the office when she’s not on stage performing the role of Camilla in “Top Card Camilla” or Ms. Neldner in “Between the Lines.”

Our TUSCH project with Sachsenwald primary school in Steglitz is underway. Florian Korty and Ona Nurkkala are basing their production with the pupils on Robin Hood, the famous mythical English outlaw, who robbed the rich to support the poor. Themes of their play will be division of wealth, helping other people, blackmail, justice and living in exile.

I hope to see you soon at one of our plays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thanks for supporting us in 2018.