Mai 2016

May 2016

Having had our feet firmly on the ground in recent years with such plays as The Tortilla Curtain, Blood Knot and Between the Lines, we are looking upwards and into the future with our new project “One Way Mission.” The idea for the play was born out of an article in the Tagesspiegel in 2014 about a Dutch entrepreneur and space freak, Bas Lansdorp, who plans to send people on a one way trip to Mars. He called for volunteers for this risky and dangerous expedition. The response was huge. People from all walks of life, from all over the world applied. Women and men.

I was fascinated with what people were prepared to give up in order to fulfill a dream or to realize a goal. So one of the themes in our new play will be “sacrifice.” My research has taken me to interesting places such as the Audimax Auditorium of the Berlin Technical University where two NASA Scientist explained to the 1,200 people in the audience their plans to land astronauts on Mars by 2030. “We are on the verge of a new era” is a popular sentence used by people in these circles.

We have been testing various ideas in the rehearsal room and we had a stimulating workshop with a class of final year students from the Kurt Tucholsky Gymnasium. We wanted to know where our audience to be stand in relationship to the ideas we are toying around with as we develop the play. Many of them couldn’t imagine ever leaving Earth but there were a couple of adventurous types and fans of all things scientific who could.

It seems to me that we are dealing with a very topical subject and I, for one, am enjoying asking questions about Mankind’s future and getting involved in matters of scientific discovery. I doubt very much that I will be alive if, and when Mars gets colonized but maybe my grandson will.

Peter Scollin