We are happy to announce that our funding application for 2017 - 2018 was successful. Thanks to the “Basisförderung” we will be able to produce two new plays in 2017 and 2018. Our English youth theater group (PYT) is up and running. The young people taking part are all 11 years old. The group meets on Saturday mornings from 11-13 hours in Theaterhaus Mitte and is run by Josh Spriggs and Olivia Dean. The group is still open to newcomers. Goodbye Kooky! The KOOKY SHOW will be performed for the very last time on Wednesday June 8th . It’s difficult to stop doing this show because it’s been very popular and teachers are always asking us to do it again. It’s now been running for 16 years and we have lost count of the number of shows we have done. Now, however, Kim Eustice who performed the part of Janet Newman has become a teacher and will be no longer available.

We have 8 performances in June, then 18 performances in the very busy first half of July. On some of these days there are double shows due to the big demand. There are still some tickets available, check out the website. Have a great time in the air conditioned theatre!