July/ August 2016

Dear English teachers and friends,

We are pleased to present you our new schedule for next season. Please note that SEE YOU LATER NAVIGATOR is only on for a limited season in October and November 2016. The play will be back as from May 2017.

We are optimistic that BETWEEN THE LINES will find its place in the hearts of many more 8th grade teachers and will lead to a regular annual theater visit, as it is with many of the other plays in our repertoire.

In September and October we will be busy rehearsing our new play, EXPEDITION 3.71, which will premiere on October 13th in the ufaFabrik. In case you're wondering what the title means, 3.71 is the gravity level on Mars. This new play relates to a number of themes which are on the curriculum for the “gymnasiale Oberstufe”: Science and Technology: Visions of the Future/ Challenges and chances of science and technology and the impact of the media on society.

So please don’t hesitate to book your tickets.

All the best and a beautiful summer!