Hallo Platypus friends, fans and websurfers!
We haven't been dormant during the Lockdown Light. Luckily we've been able to do some workshops with school students and thus keep in touch with our audience base.

We've held a few very rewarding "Power to the People" workshops for the senior students, as well as a workshop based on our play "Between the Lines" for eighth graders and a clown workshop for a sixth grade class. Sad to say, we had to postpone planned performances of our plays in schools because of the dangers involved.

Judith is busy showing Marcela the ropes in the office. Marcela will be taking over Judith's admin job. Our Platypus Headquarters (office) is fairly small, so for Corona reasons, we are taking it in turns to work there and otherwise doing what Angela Merkel has requested us to do: home office and zoom conferences.

Anja is busy with paperwork, planning and funding applications and I have resumed working on my history of Platypus Theater in Blog form. Next episode will be posted on our web site in mid December, it's the exciting tale of a tour to Australia in 1988. There's even a new play in the pipeline which Rebecca Scott will be directing and our co-production with Flying Fox Theater should premiere in May 2021. Let's hope the vaccine arrives soon and, providing we haven't gone broke by then, that we can get back on stage and do what we love doing and are missing terribly.

Merry Christmas to you all, may twenty twenty one be better for us all, take care,

yours sincerely,

Peter Scollin


Tips for lonely nights at home.

CD. Hate for Sale from the Pretenders. (2020)

Books: Theatre for Dreamers from Polly Samson

My Brother Jack from George Johnston.

Netflix: The Crown and the Queen’s Gambit.

Downloads: Lichess ( In case the Queen’s Gambit gets to you)