December is a busy month for us. Most of the shows are booked out but we do have a few seats left for EXPEDITION 3.71 on the 19.12.16 in the Distel, and for THE TORTILLA CURTAIN on the 20.12.16 in the Distel.
Now that Donald Trump is planning to build a bigger and better fence along the U.S.A-Mexico border THE TORTILLA CURTAIN is as relevant as ever. In our play, Kyra says “Damn those Mexicans, why don’t they just round them all up and send them back to Mexico!” It’s hard to believe that Donald Trump is going to try and do this. Perhaps his intentions are all just hot air. Let’s hope so.

We welcome two new actors to TOP CARD CAMILLA. Judith Shoemaker and Liz Erber, who both perform in BETWEEN THE LINES, will be taking over the roles of Camilla the Dancing Warrior and Martia Assasina. Their first show will be on Thursday 9th of December.

Our 3 year Tusch project with the Hermann Schulz Primary school in Reinickendorf is now in its third and final year. This year we’re working with a fifth class. Joshua Spriggs (EXPEDITION 3.71) and Donald Adam are running the group together with the teacher Bernd Stromberger.

Our new dates for the season March-July is almost ready and should be online soon.
We hope to have our printed programme in your letterboxes by the end of the year 2016.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!