5 November 2020

Another Successful Premiere

Dear Theatergoers!

The premiere of MONEY MATTERS in the ufaFabrik on the 29.10.20 went really well. We were relieved that we managed to get  the premiere done before the new lockdown began. Thanks to everybody who helped to get this play done in these challenging times.The audience for MONEY MATTERS is seated around the performance space, at a safe distance from the actors. In this set up, all audience members have a great view, stay tuned in and enjoy the dynamic performance of the great actors. We can perform in any large room or hall. Give us a ring and we can come to your school.


19 September 2020
4 August 2020
22 June 2020

News June 2020

After the summer holidays, schools will no longer be obliged to observe the rules about social distancing. Hence, there are two options for viewing a Platypus Theater play: A school can book a show exclusively for itself – in this case, social distancing wouldn’t be necessary in the theater. If you are interested in booking a show for 100+ pupils, please get in touch with our office (mail@platypus-theater.de). We will organise the venue (BKA-Theater is still our main venue, but others are possible).

12 May 2020

MAY 2020

We are very happy to announce that „Safestay Hostel“ has been nominated for the Ikarus Prize (Berlin Children's Theater Prize). We hope that we will be able to perform the show in November in time for the award ceremony.

The uncertainty of when and how we are allowed to perform again is very hard to endure. Unfortunately, it looks like children's and youth theater is not only hit hard by the crisis, but will also be affected by it for a long time.

Thanks for your supportive emails and your donations. We really appreciate them.

14 February 2020
13 January 2020


Wishing everyone a good start into the new year.

The program for March until June has been online for about a month and the first shows are already booked out, so get your tickets now!

We also still have tickets for:

27.01. FOX at 09:15 am at BKA-Theater

26.02. FOX at 11:00 am at Pfefferberg Theater

27.02. FOX at 11:00 am at Freizeitforum Marzahn

All the Best,

Platypus Theater Team



17 December 2019

Happy Holidays!

What's new in December? Well, our new program for March-June 2020 is out. Some of the shows are already booked out, so get your tickets now.

Also we offer a new workshop scheme:

1. You prepare your students for the upcoming theatre visit using the material which we provide you with.

2. You come along and enjoy the play.

3. One of the actors visits your class soon after the performance and conducts a 4 hour workshop related to the themes of the play. Your students develop short scenes based on their impressions and ideas. The cost is 10€/head, with a minimum of 20 students.

Wishing you all happy holidays and a happy new year!

4 November 2019


Just finished reherasals for our new show SAFESTAY HOSTEL (Premiere: 24.10.2019), which was very well received by teachers and students. Everyone agreed that it is very important tackle topics like national identity, racism and other - isms. We hope to inspire and make people think. There are still some tickets left for 18.11. at BKA-Theater.

We are currently rehearsing JUST THIRTEEN with one new cast member: Julia Burns.

4 October 2019


We are really busy rehearsing and producing our new show SAFESTAY HOSTEL. Premiere: at 7 p.m. at ufaFabrik. Tickets are selling fast, so reserve them now. English teachers free of charge.

We also have a few more double shows coming up and we've added an extra show of THE CLOWN WHO LOST HIS CIRCUS:

Friday | 29.11.2019 | 11 a.m. | THE CLOWN WHO LOST HIS CIRCUS | BKA Theater

Monday | 02.12.2019 | 09:15 a.m. | TOP CARD CAMILLA | BKA Theater