06 December 2022

December 2022

As from January 1st 2023, Rachel Pattison and Richard Krutzsch will be running Platypus Theater. We wish them all the best and are sure that Rachel, Richard and our team of actors and technicians will continue to do a fantastic job. We are extremely happy to have found successors for Platypus Theater.

Anja and I want to thank everyone who has supported Platypus Theater by attending our plays over the last 37 years. You have helped build up a very solid audience base. For us, the task of producing plays in English for teachers and children has been very satisfying. Performing for young people and their teachers is a joyful occupation. It’s been enriching to be in close contact with teachers through brief chats before and after performances, at workshops, at premieres and on the phone. We are grateful for the way you have brought us keen, lively and responsive audiences. Our thanks also go to the Berlin Senate, the JugendKulturService and all of the staff at the venues in which we have performed.

We are moved by the fact that a lot of teachers have been so loyal, that they value our work highly. This support has been so encouraging and given us faith in what we were doing. The Platypus repertoire will remain; Anja and I will still be performing from January to March 2023 and I will be continuing to perform “The Clown who lost his Circus” for a while yet (until I find it).

Yours sincerely,

Peter and Anja Scollin


15 March 2021


Suddenly Easter is just around the corner. Cute little flowers are poking their heads out of the earth and the days are getting longer. A couple of the State run theaters in Berlin will be cautiously opening their doors to restricted sized audiences. Hope of better times is in the air.

09 December 2020


Hallo Platypus friends, fans and websurfers!
We haven't been dormant during the Lockdown Light. Luckily we've been able to do some workshops with school students and thus keep in touch with our audience base.

We've held a few very rewarding "Power to the People" workshops for the senior students, as well as a workshop based on our play "Between the Lines" for eighth graders and a clown workshop for a sixth grade class. Sad to say, we had to postpone planned performances of our plays in schools because of the dangers involved.

12 November 2020

Another Successful Premiere

Dear Theatergoers!

The premiere of MONEY MATTERS in the ufaFabrik on the 29.10.20 went really well. We were relieved that we managed to get  the premiere done before the new lockdown began. Thanks to everybody who helped to get this play done in these challenging times.The audience for MONEY MATTERS is seated around the performance space, at a safe distance from the actors. In this set up, all audience members have a great view, stay tuned in and enjoy the dynamic performance of the great actors. We can perform in any large room or hall. Give us a ring and we can come to your school.

05 November 2020

Premiere celebrated!

Dear audience!

Thankfully, we still had a great premiere of MONEY MATTERS. We thank everyone who put their energy into this production despite very challenging times. In MONEY MATTERS, the audience is seated around the playing area, with a large safety distance, of course. This allows everyone to see well, be close to the actors, and enjoy their skills and the exciting play. MONEY MATTERS can be performed in any very large space (e.g. gym). The Youth Culture Service also sponsors performances in schools with 3 € per child until the end of the year.

19 September 2020


Due to changes/restrictions we adapt our program: from cancelling to postponig, from changing formats and locations to ???. All this is free of charge and we try to be as spontanous as possible.

04 August 2020

Welcome Back!

Dear teachers and friends,

welcome back to a new school year! We have a few performances planned (check out our program) and are organising a few more. To stay up to date sign up to our newsletter here:

Hope to see you soon!

22 June 2020

News June 2020

After the summer holidays, schools will no longer be obliged to observe the rules about social distancing. Hence, there are two options for viewing a Platypus Theater play: A school can book a show exclusively for itself – in this case, social distancing wouldn’t be necessary in the theater. If you are interested in booking a show for 100+ pupils, please get in touch with our office ( We will organise the venue (BKA-Theater is still our main venue, but others are possible).

07 May 2020

MAY 2020

We are very happy to announce that „Safestay Hostel“ has been nominated for the Ikarus Prize (Berlin Children's Theater Prize). We hope that we will be able to perform the show in November in time for the award ceremony.

The uncertainty of when and how we are allowed to perform again is very hard to endure. Unfortunately, it looks like children's and youth theater is not only hit hard by the crisis, but will also be affected by it for a long time.

Thanks for your supportive emails and your donations. We really appreciate them.

14 February 2020

We still of some tickets left for March

Dear teachers

we still have tickets left for the following shows:

09.03. Ben and the Smugglers 11 Uhr BKA-Theater

17.03. Teenagers in Trouble 11 Uhr BKA-Theater

19.03. Between the Lines 11 Uhr BKA-Theater

18.03. Top Card Camilla 11 Uhr Pfefferberg Theater

30.03. Just Thirteen 11 Uhr Bka-Theater

31.03. Safestay Hostel 11 Uhr ufaFabrik