Fragile Freedom

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“Fragile Freedom” Workshop

Recommended 15 +


The workshop "Fragile Freedom" was a great success. All students were motivated, had a lot of fun and broadened their horizons on the topic. Especially the questioning of the restrictions in times of pandemics as well as the view "beyond one's own nose" into other countries have left lasting impressions.
Grimm, "das andere Gymnasium" e.V.

The workshop’s goal is to encourage teenagers to think about and develop a better understanding of existing basic human rights. To what extent human rights are respected and observed in different countries? How has the corona pandemic affected our human rights?

The workshop encourages the students to explore different perspectives and to develop a greater understanding of what basic rights are and how they depend on one’s country and cultural, social and economic status.

What basic rights are guaranteed in the U.S.A., Brazil, Turkey, China, Germany and other countries and to what extent were these rights restricted around the world during the pandemic? What role does religion, skin color and social status play in times of crisis?

Language            The workshop is held in English

Grade                   Suitable from the 9th Grade on.

Facilitators         Two members of the Platypus Team

Where                 Your school

Duration             90 minutes

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